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  1. There’s something wrong with your banjo aussiepollies! It’s playing a different tune to that played previously (previous blog)!
    And seeing that the NO Coalition believes it will be the Government next year would be interesting to see Julie Bishops priorities. Julie Bishop may make a sound point, but most of what she says sounds pretty pointless most of the time.

    • My banjo is perfectly fine thanks. It would be completely ridiculous and childish not to support the position now as it would show contempt (the point I clearly made)

      That does not in any way mean that it is not still stupid and largely pointless.

      Perhaps more than a cursory read and you might have picked up on those points.

  2. So your view is that we take ‘incredibly seriously’ a role that you consider ‘practically pointless’. And not supporting a position that you consider stupid and largely pointless would be ridiculous and childish. Hmmm! That’s food for thought.

    • Yes I do. How dumb would we look if, AFTER being elected, we suddenly said, no screw you UN? How off-putting would that be to Finland? To other nations that might have had a chance to nominate?

      Also, if you didn’t realise, which you clearly didn’t, I also said now we must take the chance to chestbeat about reforming this largely undemocratic institution.

      Sadly though, that will fall on deaf ears and the UN will remain as is, because why would other nations bother to give up power that they have to others? Self interest prevails.

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