A Night in Tamworth

Yesterday our roadtrip to see the relatives on my dad’s side of the family began. Our first port of call was a pitstop in Warwick, the ultimate destination for the day was Tamworth.

During the drive it was hard not to marvel at the stunning green plains, ranges and farmland either side of the New England Highway. The road itself is much more pleasant than the terrible Bruce Highway, north of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

The journey itself took a good six hours or so. But for much of it I was well occupied, adoring the scenery or engaging in some hardcore reading.

We’ve been through Tamworth many times as a family, on our way to my grandparent’s former home in Putty. The town hasn’t changed much, but at the same time it hadn’t stayed the same.

Tamworth is famous for a few things: farming, the country music festival and being part of New England, an electorate whose member helped deliver government to the ALP at the federal level.

The council area which envelops Tamworth is the Tamworth Regional Council. The town is represented by two state electorates: Barwon and Tamworth. And of course the federal electorate is New England.

It’s a beautiful town, and quite a big one. And it’s always worth stopping in.

Next stop: Cessnock.

About Tom Bridge

A perennial student of politics, providing commentary for money and for free. Email me at tbridgey@gmail.com or contact me on 0435 035 095 for engagements.

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