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Merry Christmas to All

‘Tis the day before Christmas and all through the house
There is family who are stirring, making food that tastes grouse.

The year has whizzed by. It feels like it has only been a few months, maybe half a year since I started this blog.

And now it’s Christmas Eve. The season is a time for family, for sharing both presents and love, as well as some bloody good grub. It’s also a time to think of those we have lost and the impact they have had on our lives.

Christmas is also a time to remember those less fortunate than us, and to give what we can to them.

We must also give thanks to our armed forces serving overseas away from their families. They have loved ones in Australia who will be apprehensive, who will be worried this Christmas.

I too must thank you all for reading, regular, semi-regular and casual readers alike.

Merry Christmas to all, right and left. I look forward to getting back to writing about politics and sport for you all early in the new year.

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